Top 5


  • Newcomer

Albert is an amazing Braaier with an eye on the aesthetic, every braai a master piece and currently leading mid season!

Also, main supplier of awesome pics to ProBraai Instagram!


  • 2020 Champion

  • Won in his first year!

Floris has proven that preparing meals on anything but a fire is sacrilegious . 2020 New comer & Champion. Won it in rookie year and current no. 2


  • Champion 2012 - 2018

  • Runner up - 2019, 2020

  • ProBraai Founder & Legend

Veteran & Founder of ProBraai


  • Newcomer

Saffer, Genius Professor (Good kind) currently residing in Oz. Braai master & all round good guy!


  • Newcomer

  • Recorded first braai of 2021 season!

Saffer with excellent facilities for Braai's. Great enthusiasm and Braai count!