ProBraai™ - JouMa (se) Marinade

AKA "Sosatie vleis"

Enough for 1KG Meet:

  • One BEEG Onion red, decide

  • One Tree Quarter Curry POWda - LARGE spoon

  • One Tree Quarter BORRIE - SMALL spoon

  • One half SALT - LARGE spoon

  • One ApricotJAM - LARGE spoon

  • One CUP Vinniega

  • One half CUP white Vinniega

  • One Tree Quater Peppa - LARGE spoon

  • One Brown Suga - LARGE spoon

  • TWO Chutney - LARGE spoon

  • TREE Lourier leef - Tree of dose

  • Some oil

braai BEEG onion in some oil till brown. Put da flame on SMALL. Add all da udda stuff and cook it til its dik. You den chill with wine and let your ProBraai™ JOUMA (se) Marinade chill on its own! When you are mellow and JOUMA (se) Marinade is cool, you por it on da meet. Marinade da meet for as long as you want.. Brakpan Vlam's Ma marinades it for 7 days in da fridge! ProBraai™ it to taste!


What size is a LARGE spoon?

Answer: Your spoon is your spoon, just like your cup, but a spoon!

What Meet?

Answer: Your meet is your meet but especially good with Sheep, Chicken, Beef, Pork and others.